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Blue Butterfly Mural

Our Mission:

At Alyce’s Art Studio, we believe in changing lives with the power of art. Our mission is to provide high quality fine art education and instruction to children and teens in Los Angeles’ South Bay.

First, we focus on drawing out the unique voices of our students so that each develops their own artistic style and gains the courage to share their ideas and personal expression with others. 

Second, we provide our students with an opportunity to impact their communities through public art installations, events, collaborations, and most importantly a chance to connect to the greater world around them.

Lastly, we aim to provide students at Alyce’s Art Studio all the tools necessary to pursue a career in the arts if that is their calling. Since Alyce’s Art Studio opened its doors in 2011, we have instructed more than 1,200 students and raised over $20,000 for charities and non-profits.

Impact Partnerships:

The Memory Project:  The Memory Project has helped create 160,000 portraits and counting for children in 49 countries since 2004. Our collaboration with The Memory Project allows our students the opportunity to create portraits as special mementos for children around the world who face daily adversity that most of us could barely imagine. To date, Alyce’s Art Studio has corresponded with amazing and resilient children from Afghanistan, Syria, and Nigeria. We hope to foster this relationship so that students at Alyce’s Art Studio feel a bond with children around the world and understand the power that art has in human connection.

Free Arts LA:  Free Arts LA uses art to restore hope, create resiliency, and grow self-esteem in young people  in Los Angeles who have experienced abuse, neglect, poverty and homelessness. Each year they serve more than 22,000 5-18 year olds in greater Los Angeles via nearly 200 adult volunteer mentors. Alyce’s Art Studio holds annual benefit events to raise money and awareness for this powerful, artistic non-profit.

Local Businesses:  In 2019, teen students at Alyce’s Art Studio created 10x10 foot mural at the Blue Butterfly Cafe in downtown El Segundo. This collaboration gave our students the opportunity to imprint their unique artistry outside the studio and the ability to improve the community in which they live. Alyce’s Art Studio partners with local businesses and art galleries in Santa Monica, Hermosa Beach, Hawthorne and Manhattan Beach to exhibit our students artwork. The goal of each show is to give our students opportunity in the arts. Whether it’s displaying their artwork, selling or donating their artwork (if they choose to), or connecting with their peers, Alyce’s Art Studio is committed to shaping each student into an individual artist.


Alyce’s Art Studio is continually growing and improving so that we can serve our community to the best of our ability.

We are more dedicated than ever to give our student artists who wish to expand outside our classroom a running start. This means creating a curriculum that meets or exceeds the expectations of a higher education art program that encourages self expression, teaches traditional skills, amplifies emerging ideas and is sensitive to the needs of each individual student artist.

We will continue to build relationships in our community and increase our participation in local and regional art projects. We will provide our students with as many opportunities to showcase their artistry as we can and look forward to interacting with our community through these events.

We promise to continue to help students connect with their communities through public art displays and events, and teach our students that art is a universal language by partnering with non-profit organizations from all around the world.  We will continue to encourage healthy expression in our young students as a way to deal with the stresses of having to get the “right” answers in school, and embolden our students be “creative thinkers” We ultimately work to instill in our students that art is an academic pursuit and requires hard work and tireless exploration.

If you have a business that would like to partner with Alyce’s Art Studio please let us know.