Alyce Vazquez

Owner, Art Director

Alyce of Alyce's Art StudioAn acrylic painting by Alyce Vazquez

Alyce Marie is the founding art director and owner of Alyce's Art Studio. For the past 10 years, Alyce has been an art instructor, professional artist, and has enjoyed developing themed birthday parties for children. She graduated from San Jose State University where she obtained her BA in Pictorial Arts and developed an understanding and love of Art Education.

She opened Alyce's Art Studio in May 2011 with the desire to create an art community, to celebrate the artistic voice of her young students, and to inspire her students to think outside the box.  Alyce's Art Studio teaches traditional art techniques, reflects new and creative ideas, and caters to the individuality of each of her students.

Annette Mauricio


Annette Mauricio is a South Florida-born, Colombian/Cuban artist. She graduated in Fine Arts at Florida Int’l University. She worked as an art instructor for five years at an art studio in Florida, and has worked with Art Nexus, Art Review, The Frost Museum, The Museum of Contemporary Art and Art Basel in Miami, Florida. She has also exhibited artwork in her hometown, The Wynwood Arts District in Miami, Florida.

She spends her free time executing drawings inspired by microscopic organisms and also creating portraits of individuals who have made/are making a positive difference. Colored pencils are her current medium of choice; Circles, her new obsession. Annette has been an art instructor at Alyce's Art Studio since 2013.

Isabel Silva


Isabel Silva is an animation and illustration artist with a BA from California State University Fullerton. Growing up she watched Saturday morning cartoons every week and developed an interested in bringing characters to life through her art. She worked as an art instructor at a studio in uptown Whittier for three years before joining the Alyce Art Studio team in 2016. Isabel enjoys working with acrylic and watercolor as well as digital mediums like Photoshop.

Andy Kay


Andy Kay grew up all over the world thanks to her father being in the military. In 2012, she graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University with a Bachelor's of Fine Arts, focusing heavily on illustration, graphic design, and portraiture. Since graduating, she has worked as a graphic designer, art instructor, and sole proprietor. She has exhibited her artwork in Los Angeles, New York City, Phoenix, and Richmond.

During her spare time, Andy Kay loves to paint, spend time with her animals, watch nature documentaries, and hike. She strives to create artwork that makes people smile and gives them a greater appreciation for nature's oddities. Although she's always exploring new mediums, her main go-tos are watercolor and acrylic paint. Andy Kay previously worked at Alyce's Art Studio from 2014 to 2016 and is now so happy to be a part of the team again!

Jennifer Ayala


"Jennifer Marie Ayala is a prominent Los Angeles-based artist.  As a teen, she volunteered much of her time contributing to galleries and establishments throughout Los Angeles, including the Seni Art Collective, a safe-space for young artists to practice, create, and exhibit their work. She is a multimedia-based artist, with a focus on using eco-friendly supplies to create her works across various platforms including thrifted textiles, plant-based dyes, and found object collages. Her work has been displayed in solo and group gallery exhibits across Southern California. Most recently, she has found inspiration in portraiture, focusing on Los Angeles’ residents through mediums such as embroidery and weaving. Jennifer’s other passion is teaching. She’s given workshops at The Museum of Contemporary Art as well as taught private and group lessons in Orange County, Los Angeles, and New York. She spends her free time caring for her two senior rescue dogs (Lola and Mazzy) and is working toward her dream of visiting every national park in America."

Jazmin Urrea


Jazmín Urrea is a visual artist working in installation, photography, video, sculpture, and performance. She received her MFA in Photography and Media from the California Institute of the Arts (2017), and a BFA in Photography from CSU Long Beach (2014). Urrea’s works have been exhibited at the Studio Museum in Harlem, The J. Paul Getty Museum Los Angeles, CalArts, UAM Long Beach, Santa Clarita City Hall, Blue Roof Studios, The Music Center, UCF, Flatline, and SADE LA. She participated in CURRENT LA: FOOD Triennial (2019) funded by the Department of Cultural Affairs and recently received the Rema Hort Maan Foundation Emerging Artist Grant (2020). She currently lives and works in South Central Los Angeles, CA.

Linsey McCollum


Linsey McCollam is an artist who focuses on large, realistic oil paintings. She received her BFA from West Virginia University with an emphasis in painting and art history.

Her work critiques the effect capitalism has on mental health. In order to display this, she creates large paintings filled with inventive details aiming to understand mental health by transforming the metaphysical into the physical realm. She has shown in exhibitions in and around West Virginia and has spent her time doing preparatory work at museums and galleries in WV.

She moved to the LA area after graduating, and spends her free time hanging out with her two cats and exploring hiking trails.

Bella Cabot


Bella is a freelance illustrator living and working in Los Angeles.

Her work has a focus on portraiture and figures. Her areas of interest are music, fashion, women, and culture. She has a strong sense of color and utilizes that in her work. She tries to use her art as a method of liberation.

Bella's goal is to not only liberate herself from the shackles of society's expectations and rules but also the people consuming her work.

Shar Varanauskas


Shar Varanauskas is a Lithuanian born artist with a degree in illustration from California College of the Arts.

He currently lives in East Los Angeles, where he is focusing on creating more personal paintings that depict physical depictions of the invisible anxieties that follow us through different locations. His friends are often used as inspiration and the starting point of compositions, which are finished mainly in acrylic paint and mixed media additions.

When not creating artwork, Shar loves taking care of his expanding porch garden and his street cat Jake.”

Diana Harder


Diana Harder worked for the City of South Pasadena as a Public Works Administrative Assistant for 32 years before retiring and moving full time onto her boat in Long Beach. In 2012 she joined Alyce's Art Studio and brings to the team valuable experience and a buoyant spirit.